Unilag is Nigeria’s Only Fully Accredited Law Faculty, Uni-Abuja Suspended

The Council of Legal Education has published the accreditation status of fifty-five Nigerian Universities offering Degree programmes in Law, with the University of Lagos listed solely as possessing full accreditation. The list, as published in the Guardian, contained 16 Federal Universities, 20 State Universities and 19 Private Universities. 13 of the Federal Universities listed had […]

Education Technologies and Business

Analyzing The 2017 Budgets of Nigeria’s Top Federal Universities

For 21 of the 22 Universities (excluding University of Abuja) whose budget allocations were recently published by educational civic tech, eduplana Nigeria, the total increase in their allocations amounted to 1.37 billion, at an average of +0.065 billion naira, i.e. N65 million per University. The University of Abuja was an outlier, having, by far, the […]