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Comment: To Love and Loathe Lagos


When a recent power outage happened in Lagos, I was grounded; jobs to deliver but both laptop and phone dead. I sent out an SOS on …


Police Nigerian Women as Humans


Because the Police arrest of women last week in an Abuja night club was horrendous, public expression of revulsion was inevitable. Well-attended street demonstrations in Lagos, …

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Nigeria’s Political System: Where We Are And Road to Better Days | By Sonny Ogulewe


When, in 1965, my father was elected a councilor into the Local Government council, a new chapter was opened in my family. His involvement in politics …


Pius Adesanmi, Torchbearer


We should remember Professor Pius Adesanmi. In the morning of Sunday, the Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi faltered and crashed six minutes after …

OpinionThe Muse

Find Your Place in the Crowd. Don’t Stand Out | By Anthony Achonye


We were not made to stand out None of us is as the sun – the source of the brightness of day, cursed, so to speak, …

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Everybody Lives Down The Road | By Anthony Achonye


Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the …

BooksLife Lessons

Writing Creative NonFiction After a Road Trip Could Help You Understand Nigeria


From Limbe to Lagos, and across at least thirteen states in Nigeria, road trips undertaken by young writers have produced stories worth your attention. At two …

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Top Five Moments From Social Media Week Lagos 2019


While the attendance and buzz of Social Media Week Lagos has seemingly depreciated over a three year period, it remains a good place to connect and …

HealthThe 2019 Elections

Investigate The VP’s Helicopter Crash


Let this not be the very Nigerian averted-disaster event that is only followed by a thanksgiving for “putting enemies to shame”. The video of that helicopter …

The 2019 Elections

Disable Your Nnamdi Kanu Notifications. And Vote on February 16.


Nnamdi Kanu, from his ostensibly comfortable hiding place in London, has revealed that Atiku Abubakar is a Cameroonian. In a Sunday evening broadcast, the Ipob leader …

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Qatar Did Not Win The Asian Cup Overnight. But How Did They Do It?


For the first time ever, Qatar has been registered in the Book of Continental Champions after beating Japan in the 2019 Asian Cup final. A nation …

Social AccountabilityThe 2019 Elections

How To Fight Fake News In the Coming Elections


Fake news was the subject of a discussion organized this Thursday by Civic Hive, a social accountability group based in Lagos. The menace emerged as the …

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Dear Young Influencer: Choose Your Words. Be Mindful Of Your Reputation


What is the biggest advice to give a young person entering the Nigerian political space? Some may say having the right godfather, in the case where …

LawPolitics and Policy

The President’s Ambition Suffereth Violence. The Violent Take The Bench By Force


With an executive hammer fashioned by legalistic manipulation, president Muhammadu Buhari has forced his will on Nigeria’s Judiciary. On Friday evening, Buhari announced the suspension of …

Politics and PolicyThe 2019 Elections

Oby Bows Out, Seeks To Resurrect PACT


Did you see that coming? On Wednesday, Dr Obiageli ‘Oby’ Ezekwesili was lyrical and defiant about the ‘Fight 4 Naija’. She had enthusiastically shared an interview …

The 2019 Elections

Presidential Debate: Three Puzzling Questions From Buhari and Atiku’s Absence


The 2019 Presidential debate passed with a whimper but the fallout provides fodder for querying the future of politics, leadership and education in Nigeria. President Muhammadu …

HealthThe Good Cheer

Who Wants To Be An Oga John? (You Should)


In 2019, mental health will come into a lot more focus in Nigeria, thanks to individuals and groups making efforts to describe how everyone can play …

OpticsThe 2019 Elections

Was It Good For Atiku’s Campaign That He Withdrew From The Presidential Debate?


Fresh from his victory of traveling successfully to the United States against the expectation of his rivals, Atiku Abubakar looked set to score more points at …


What Happens When A Soldier Dies | By Anthony Achonye


I have always admired men of the military. There has always been an innate gallantry about their entire outfit even before I learned what gallantry meant. …

The 2019 Elections

Trivia: Eight Stats From INEC’s Official 2019 Presidential Candidates List


INEC has published the authoritative list of candidates challenging Muhammadu Buhari for the privilege to be Nigeria’s President after May 29, 2019. It features 144 names …

The 2019 Elections

If Atiku Intends to Enrich Friends, What Does Peter Obi Want to Do?


No crystal balls exist for determining with certainty that a presidential candidate and his running mate are going to be a united team. Signs of similarity …

Social AccountabilityThe 2019 Elections

Nigeria’s Presidential Elections: This Web App Should Help You Decide Who to Vote


With D-Day now thirty days away, it seems a good time to ask: have you made up your mind on whom to vote? If the past …

Technologies and Business

These are the Nigerian Companies to Inspire Africa in 2019


The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) has honored a number of Nigerian companies, recognizing them in a report as the “Companies to Inspire Africa”. Presented on …


The Uncomfortable Facts of Chief Justice Onnoghen’s Code of Conduct Case | By Joe Abah


I am greatly saddened that the Chief Justice of Nigeria is even in a position where he could be charged with the breach of any Nigerian …

OpinionTechnologies and Business

Technology and the Law: How Things Will Change


It is no more news that every industry today has witnessed one form of disruption in the past century as technology becomes a predominant part of …


ASUU Strike And The Realities Of A Failed System | By Joseph Olaoluwa


We have elected and we have chosen to elect people who do not have education. And because they are not educated, they cannot give education- Emir …

Life LessonsOpinion

Four Things I Learnt in the Past Few Months | By Pascal Nwaizu


On the 3rd of November 2018, I took a journey that was to be the most remarkable thing to happen to me in 2018. I had …

2019 ElectionsPolitics and Policy

On Amina Zakari, We Owe Our Children The Truth


Beside authorized and official statements of denial by President Muhammadu Buhari and Amina Zakari, three interventions should help clear the confusion and misinformation surrounding the appointment …

PeoplePolitics and Policy

The Person of the Year and Seven Other Prominent Figures of 2018


Simply because it was the eve of an election year, 2018 was bound to be chaotic, and it was. Literally from the first day, there was …

Politics and PolicyUnlearn

Reality Check: What Is Really Causing Herdsmen-Farmers Crisis?


In 38 years, the land available for grazing in the Middle Belt region fell from 61 percent to 38 percent. That trend was similar across Nigeria …