The Melaye Melee: Which story will prevail? – By David Nwachukwu


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Within the space of a month or less, the Nigerian air has been saturated with stories of the certificate scandal of the Senator representing Kogi west senatorial district, the distinguished *ahem* Dino Melaye.
The self acclaimed democratic evangelist and anti corruption crusader has severally been caught in the web of one scandal or the other since his political journey. From home-made issues such as divorce, to matters of public concern like operating foreign accounts, he’s never quite had the indian summer.

The whole certificate scandal started with Sahara reporters’ findings that M r Melaye did not meet the requirements to graduate from the Department of Geography, Ahmedu Bello University. He has  since denied this in tweets and with vehemence, stating that he has even two more degrees from the said institution.

Since these claims began making rounds, eyes and ears have remained fixated on the former House member, waiting to see and hear the outcome of the drama.  The International community has not been left out of this saga. The outspoken lawmaker also claimed to have received certificates from Harvard and the London school of economics.

Indeed, Harvard has confirmed that Mr Melaye attended a week’s seminar on leadership but does not qualify anyone to become an alumnus. On the local front, the Punch claim not have found the Senator’s name on the alumni page of ABU’s website.

Melaye is remains adamant that his graduation was “authentic”.

They say words fly but Dino’s story must have had a propeller with intense velocity rather than a wing; this scandal has beat him off his comfort in ways he may have never imagined.

The very vibrant politician may have walked through previous scandals with an upright shoulder but in this present event, I doubt his shoulders can even make an attempt to stand, as the sensitivity of the issue at hand threatens the very continuity of his political journey. This issue of forgery adds another gallon of grease on his political white garment and in fear of his lone inability to wash it off alone, he has without reluctance ran to the IGP in tears and sweat. He has threatened/promised the Sahara publishers with a lifetime of rotting in jail.

The Nigerian audience are now beyond the stage of being talked to sleep with tales from ‘the book of untrue leaves’. Everyone is watching and waiting to see how the story will end; if truism will be allowed to manifest and justice take it rightful place or, again, will the Nigerian phenomenon of ‘who knows who’ come in to play?

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  1. David says:

    We wish to see the truth prevail.

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