KING WOMEN: The Best Quotes and Qualities from Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett



The full version of the first episode of ‘King Women’ is out and it could not have been better.

Veteran thespian and screen icon, Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett, in her reflection of her life’s journey to the theatre, through the pains of two widowhoods, effuses the most intellectual and philosophical deepness you will probably see from a non-traditional academic. Considering she is not only an actor but has a vast knowledge in other fields including cosmetology and even some anatomy, who says she doesn’t qualify as an academic?

Producer Kemi Adetiba, whose job it was to ask the questions behind the cameras, tells in the prelude of the emotional intensity of absorbing the thoughts and expressions from the septuagenarian actor. It’s the kind of video you would watch with a pen and a notepad.

We took down our own notes of the 10 best quotes and the qualities we learned about her which each of us could really do with.


“I was always in trouble; I was exuberant, and very tomboyish. I was never a girly girl. I was a boxer, and a track performer, and a footballer”


“It was all natural to me; to think that I have to be moving forward, that I had to do something about myself, with or without help.”


“I don’t believe in luck; I believe you make your luck. You make your own way, you create your own fortune and I’m not talking about money. You create your own path, you take your own journey. Nobody is gonna lead you anywhere. And [if] you spend your time waiting for somebody to do it for you, you are wasting time.”

“The more I go, the more polished I become, the more refined I get. The greater the fire I go through, I come out, oh, ever so composed, refined, and a little bit more savvy, and more clear headed.”


“During my holidays, I would go and take some course. Secretaryship, Cosmetology, Office Management, short short courses”


“Anybody who trusted me about anything wasn’t going to be ever, ever disappointed. My middle name is reliability; you must know where you are with me. My Yes is my Yes, and my No is my No.”

Taking Responsibility

“I don’t make my problem your problem; I take responsibility for my problem. If it is going to infringe on whatever you are doing, I’ll do my best for it not to affect you. I carry my own burden, I carry my own load”


“Love is not in the groin. Love is between your ears. Love is service, Love is trust, Love is giving, not just taking. Love is looking after the other person”

Living in the Present

“I study and live on mindfulness, about now, insightfulness about what happens at the moment. At some point I will die, something will not work, and it will be time to go; I am not worried. I am more concerned about what I am doing now, to make sure I do what I am doing now well, to enjoy what I am doing well, to be mindful of Now”

What’s Going on in you?

“If you lose enthusiasm for life, you lose energy. There’s so much going on out there that is not edifying, that doesn’t encourage you to keep going. But, it’s going on out there; what’s going on [in your mind] for you?”


Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett on being enthusiastic about life (Image from Accelerate TV, Text by inquizimedia)

The last one here is our favorite, but do yourself the service and pleasure of seeing the entire video and take your own notes. Her take on racism, the political statement of physical appearances, the poetry of dance and living while aging, are better heard than read.

We look forward to the next episodes of King Women. Dear Kemi and Accelerate TV, bring on Tara and the N40 million!

King Women | Produced by Kemi Adetiba | Accelerate TV

Feature image from Kemi Adetiba and Accelerate TV



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