Analytics: How Twitter Trends predicted Efe Ejeba’s BBNaija Victory

It’s over, yea, the Big Brother Nigeria thingy. It’s back to wailing and whining. Yes, the Budget has still not been passed and we have had 111 days in 2017.

Big Brother Nigeria was quite a wave. The necessity of the morality debate cannot be dampened by the “na God” cheers of the eventual winner’s supporters. But sluggishly but surely, its fever caught those of us who feigned disinterest and disgust, with those murky things that were done in the early weeks. As soon as T-shirts were printed, street rallies and campus campaigns were organized in the final week, you had to just be interested.

Social media is The Great Influence of our day and it unarguably was the most important platform for the show. Besides the branding and campaigns, and the voting platforms, the ‘teams’ of the contestants formed their niches across social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Nairaland, Twitter, #BBNaija did as much to nearly shut these down. They were not voting mediums but they played huge roles in determining the eventual winner.

Take a look at the following data which shows the trends of tweets over the two weeks before the finale… and marvel. The good thing with what you are about to see is that it was not developed after the finale but before. *data nerds grin widely*.

Ok, let’s get with it.

About 35 million votes recorded within the period amount to about 1700 votes per minute! Not bad!

Well, they turned out to be Voting Patterns!!

(BTW, what does Elder get into nowadays?)

Obviously, based on logistics

In case you don’t see that clearly, it’s basically the support of ‘celebs’ for an Efe victory.

And win he did.

It does matter, after all, what happens on social media. To see a point of convergence between the show and the last Presidential Elections shows Twitter has its place as far as public national discourse is concerned. The data above does not even consider others like Facebook but we have a good idea.

Moral of the story: Prepare for 2019?

Much appreciation to @zebbook for the interesting analytics!


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