PSquare’s ‘Nobody Ugly’ video throws more light on The Fake Life



Within the first 24 hours of its release on their official Youtube channel, PSquare’s new single, ‘Nobody Ugly’ was viewed over 700,000 times.

The song itself does not take off like a hit to be honest. With an over-used Alaba beat and the addition of “ayyy” after each line, it feels like an aircraft on the new Abuja Airport runway, cautious about the quality of work that was actually done, in its run to ascend. But, the advantage of the video is that, for the few seconds before the lyrics become interesting, you are entertained by girls having a good time trying to ‘out-selfie’ and out-punch each other.

Anyone who is versed with social media across all platforms can easily relate to the story. The ostentation of physique flashed from most handles are fake news – deliberately intended to show something that is different from reality. People want to be appreciated and judged from the enhancement that filters provide. The more the likes, the more encouraged they are to augment their appearances in future uploads.

To the non-Igbo, Bruno Mars’ “Just the way you are” would be the song that explains what the lyrics tried to portray. ‘Chinenye’ is the beautiful-enough lady in her natural state. But her adoption of some facial chemicals has her transitioning to something less human and more of a primate – all for a good selfie, some likes and comments. Then, there are the girls who not only enhance the face, but body parts too. The next time you see a lady with two heavy phones, they may not all be for calls and communication.

It’s an entertaining and instructive video. There some sense in perceiving it at being one sided towards ladies, in a space where guys share as much guilt. Cue references to boys who stuff water bottles below their belts before a selfie in their underpants to prove the bulge of their crotch. No thanks to the young man who decided to sexualize, of all things, the one product Nigeria can actually count on to drive economic diversification from oil. And for the record, the water-bottle stunt is a ridiculously absurd thing to even contemplate.

The Bottomline?


However you are, ya market is okay. Nobody Ugly.

Feature Image: Screenshot from ‘Nobody Ugly’ the Offical Video, via PSquareVEVO
Video: Clipped from The Ngee Show
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