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Monday Motivation: “Keep Learning – see you at Work!”

Work should be fun. Contrary to the default feeling of the ordinary employed person, we should really look forward to Mondays, rather than looking to rewind the clock back to 4:59pm Friday.

It’s not easy, we know. You could be hard pressed for inspiration at times, especially if the alert that comes at the end of the month does not do so much in paying all the bills, with change for some time at the cinema.

But if you’ve got to work, you’ve got to find a way to thrust through the tedium. Faith and hope in better days ahead, speaking to yourself and having a good support system from friends and family are necessary. What else could help a Nigerian further overcome the craze of this land?


No, it’s not about getting a visa to the USA; heck, Mr Trump is sending more arms to your Government to combat terror, an indirect way of saying “don’t come, fix your country”.

What you may need more, this Monday, is this Denzel Washington speech. Shared many times over the past week especially on Instagram, everything he says make perfect sense, especially the last sentence. You can find Nigerian substitutes for the names he mentions as examples to take inspiration from, but here’s a transcript of the clip:

“It is not easy –

If it was easy, there’ll be no Kerry Washington, If it was easy, there’ll be no Taraji Henson, If it were easy, there’ll be no Octavia Spencer

But not only that –

If it were easy there’ll be no Viola Davis,

If it were easy, there’ll be Mykelti Williamson, no Stephen McKinley Henderson, no Russell Honrnsby.

If it were easy, there’ll be no Denzel Washington

So, Keep walking, Keep striving, fall down seven times, get up eight

Without commitment, you’ll never start, but more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish

Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship. [2x]

So, Keep moving, Keep growing, Keep learning –

See you at work”

Perhaps you need just one quote that reaffirms what Denzel said, “Work! Work! Work! Work! Work!”

(Ok, maybe not that song, but you get it)

Unsurprisingly, we found the clip from the Instagram handle of the WordsAreWork team, involved with the special kind of work where motivation/inspiration could be hard to come by sometimes. Find more of such videos from

Dedicated to all the discouraged Creatives, nerds and Nine-to-Fivers

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