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Bode George a “Success Story”? Lagosians are not convinced

As part of activities marking the 50th Anniversary of the great state of Lagos, commemorative banners are being placed all over the streets of the metropolis. These banners bear the faces of a select group of Nigerians (not just Lagosians) whose lives and careers have, supposedly, been positively impacted by Lagos.

The tag, ‘Lagos is part of my Success Story’ – apt and appealing – features men and women, from various works of life, both those presently living and those gone before us.

While some have faulted the celebration of Lagos as a “success story” against the backdrop of the plight of communities like Otodo Gbame, the initiative has received laudable support. For the most part, the faces being advertised are worthy claimants to the title of ‘successful’; basically, you can choose them as role models.

Aliko Dangote, the richest man in the world of African descent, has four companies listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange with a value of more than One trillion naira, and is currently building a refinery in Lagos. Certified Success story.

Olajumoke, the former bread seller, is now the go-to reference of a ‘started from the bottom now we’here’ Lagos story. Certified.

The organizers even showed their magnanimity by including long-standing Governorship contestant from the opposition, Jimi Agbaje, designating him as one of the icons that portray Lagos as the “Land of Peace”.

But Bode George too?

Yes he was born in Lagos, and was a party chieftain of the PDP at the south-west level, but “success story”? As what now?

For the record, Wikipedia tell us he has had a conviction for misappropriation (“contract splitting”, etc), though later overturned. However, he “was placed in the V.I.P. section of the prison, not wearing uniforms”. You know what ‘V.I.P’ means, don’t you?

Instead of our V.I.P, why don’t we have the current VP on one of those boards? If suggestions are welcome, that is.

Featured Image: via @OdupeOlanrewaju


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