‘Educate Lagos’ to raise the bar in Education for Lagos State



Lagos State has not been doing quite well in the secondary education in relation to her sister states in Nigeria. Most of the academic honorarium always go to South Eastern schools and students. This is most notable in the analysis presented by educational governing councils in Nigeria, vis-a-vis WAEC and NECO.

It has fueled the motivation of the Lagos State Government to take a positive leap towards attaining a desirable feat. It began this positive exercise with the “’Educate Lagos’ Project” launch on the 28th Day of April, 2017. The project is one that would serve as a means to achieving the “Lagos of our dream”. “We are a pioneer state” says Gov. Ambode, “and we would not be lacking in the educational sector”.

In line with the future trends of digital technology, the Government seems to have acted in this direction to set the pace in educational innovation, for other states to follow. According to ThisDay, the Special Adviser to the Governor Ambode on Education, Mr Obafela Bank-Olemoh, emphasized that ‘Educate Lagos’ was a conscious move towards a digitized educational system, urging students to take full advantage.

“We know that the future of Lagos is going to be technology-driven; we have a lot of young people in our population. What we are trying to do is to ensure that we give Lagosians no reason to fail. You have no reason to fail! There are over 10,000 exam questions are there on different subjects, free of charge,” Bank-Olemoh said.

The one and the half hour project launch described the various achievements to be made by the administration in her educational system.  The most notable deliverable of the project is the production of over 1,600 comprehensive educational videos that would help students better understand class lessons. It also provides for an online library system for all textbooks used in primary and secondary schools which would be accessible for studies via the internet.

In a chat with Television Continental (TVC), at the event, the CEO of InfoMall Ltd – one of the organisations who worked on the ‘Educate Lagos’ project – Mr. Chibuzo Ike,  lauded the Governor for his astuteness in ensuring a better Lagos more so in the educational sector. He also told the media that his organization has been dedicated to the project by treating it as a prime project, which he described as being the attitude to which the organization handles her every project. He added that a significant number videos have been produced so far in the last one month, with a lot more to come.


CEO of InfoMall Ltd, Chibuzo Ike, in a media chat (via InfoMall Ltd)

The implementation of this project in this Information era is not only encouraging but would set Lagos as a leading state in the educational sector with citizens of high literacy.

Video lessons for primary and secondary schools, as well as lessons in various crafts and vocations can be accessed freely on educatelagos.com

Feature Image: ‘Educate Lagos’ via @osaelagos

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