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The Indeed Happy Island of Sokoto – By Chinazo Ukaegbu

A lot being said about Sokoto state and its habitants, and how stereotyped they are both in character and hospitality considering the fact that it is located far north and how hostile the temperature could be. What we were not also told was that there was more to it than just that, part of the fascinating things that happens here; the social life, agricultural and historical aspect as well.

With an average annual temperature of 28°c which could go beyond 45°c from February to April. One cannot help but adjust according to times and tides.

A visit to one of the recreational centers here in Sokoto was a beautiful experience that brought nostalgic feelings for some of us that are used to recreational activities down south. Located in Arkilla, Wammako Local Government Area ( the LGA that has more government parastatals situated in it), HAPPY ISLAND, a non stop relaxation spot with facilities such as mini-zoo, swimming pool, fish pond, neatly arranged lawn, canopy shades of different kinds, game house, man made lake, mini cinema, kiddies arena, not missing out the refreshment spot where you could have the snacks, ice cream, barbeques etc. Amidst all of this, proper security check in and around the facility.

The neatly coordinated lawn serves as space for outdoor recreational activities, a lot of amazing background for photo shoot. A dive into the swimming pool, relieves you and takes your consciousness away from how scorching and the intensity of the sun rays is, with so much excitement. A fancy boat ride across the lake whilst the breeze blows, brings to mind amazing feeling if you’ve ever ferried the boat at Tinapa Business Resort Calabar (remiscing NFCS ’10 Excursion). Birds like Ostrich, parrot and peacock, monkeys are all caged right in there. I got to have a taste of there snacks….wow.. It was amazing. Crunchy and yummy gradually I ate to my stomach and heart content.

Excitement filled the kiddies arena as was seen on their faces. Lots of laughter as they drove in car arcades (fast and furious kiddies version)…lol. The much fun they had took away the fact that Nigeria is under going financial crisis.

Gradually the clock was ticking and it was time to go.

Happy Island: indeed Happy it was. Alright! Bye Sokoto, see you some other time

Chinazo wrote this for inquizimedia, on his recent NYSC experience in Sokoto State, which ended May 2017.

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