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This is my first shot at trying to push a meaningful idea out there to whoever it matters to. I won’t mind if I suck at it, but in case you fail to get my point after reading, my theme says it all.

According to the dictionary, a Rule is “a prescribed guide for conduct and action”. In other words, a means to an end. This end can be the goals or dreams you want to achieve in life.

For example, in a football setting, a coach assigns a particular formation to his team and gives them specific instructions to win the match. Parents can set up a house rule in the home so as to check the excesses in the habits their children develop while growing up.

These days, almost everybody wants to leave a mark. We have dreams, visions and goals but very few have any actionable guide towards their goal. They end up becoming victims of chance in life

Any person familiar with self-development books or speech will testify that they are but rules or guides to shape the individual towards a particular trait or character.

So, whenever you think, envision your dreams or goal (which can be as generic as those who just want to be successful, whatever it means to them), think about guides or rules to your desired end.

Chances in life are that you may never become what you want to be (life is not always fair) but with a rule, you have a means to your end, the rule becomes your map of deployment.

It’s a bright new Monday, Rule Your Life.

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  1. Nelson says:

    Finally, it was a great and nice piece. Thanks and more of this please, many people need it.

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