Peter Obi as a Former President – By Chukwuemeka Azubuike


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Peter Obi is today, one of Nigeria’s leaders who is even enjoying greater influence as a private citizen more than he did while as Governor of Anambra State.

One of the first controversies about President Obama, after he left office as President of the United States, was when he collected some amount of money to speak at an event from a Wall Street linked business. Many people came to criticise him including fellow Democrats and this was due to his stand on the corporate giants that are at Wall Street. However, it is new for former Presidents and past leaders to be invited to events where many are eager to hear them speak especially on their tenure in office and the lessons that came with it.

Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary are known to have made huge sums from speaking engagement and sometimes this can be above $200,000 an hour. That is the power of time, value, experience, exposure, intellect, influence and everything they embody as leaders and drivers of states and nations.

Africa and Nigeria have also had leaders who are using their times outside office in engaging themselves around the continent and the world. Some are sent on assignments for the AU, ECOWAS, UN or for election observation and also for speaking engagements. You can find former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan engaged in this and there is no speech or engagement that is as easy as one given based on experience.

The person of Peter Obi, former Governor of Anambra State, South-East, Nigeria has really shown a different level of influence more than is common amongst most former Governors in Nigeria. You can rightly rank him with former Presidents and Heads of States even as he never ceases to trend for every outing he has been to. The popular being the last two editions of The Platform Nigeria, a brainchild event of the Covenant Christian Centre, Lagos. As a former governor in a state with little revenue sources, Peter Obi proved to be a businessman who understands that politics and governance should be run equally as a business; either you make loss or profit. It is these experiences that he is sharing while enjoying his time as a private citizen.

Chukwuemeka Azubuike of, where this article was first published.

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