Review: The Olowogbogboro Song is New Every Morning



Ace gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey has been hosting the Hallelujah Challenge since the beginning of June. The trend is a one month exercise where tens of thousands of Christian faithfuls from across the globe converge on social media between 12 midnight to 1 am for Praise and prayer via Live Instagram and Facebook platforms. One word that has been closely associated with the Hallelujah challenge is the Yoruba word, “Olowogbogboro” which means, “He that has an Outstretched hand/arm”, referring to the Christian God. The word has become a catch phrase used by followers of the spiritual exercise.

The announcement was made that Olowogbogboro would be released as a single by 11 pm on Monday 26th June 2017. The single has since been released by the artiste. Olowogbogboro features gospel singer, Wale Adenuga.

It is a melodious and Spirit lifting tune that would appeal to the expectant listening audience.

The song begins with the chorus by Nathaniel Bassey;

“Olowogbogboro is turning things around

For my good”

He takes up the verse one which is an appreciation to God for his mighty works, dropping lines like;

“Heaven and earth adore you God/Your outstretched arm has given us victory

Miracles signs and wonders come from You/Testimonies just like that o”

Over the course of the ongoing Hallelujah challenge, many followers have alluded to miraculous and extraordinary happenings in their life as a result of taking part in the exercise, so Nathaniel brings in the testimony line.

At 1:39, Wale lends his powerful vocals in verse 2:

“Who would have thought Lord/That You would move this way God/You whose path none can trace/Oluwa mi, mighty are your ways/”

The bridge is a refrain by Nathaniel Bassey and the female backup singers:

“Things have turned around for me/Now I’m walking in victory

Jesus turned it around for me/He has given me victory”

The song steps a notch higher in the declaration, “we will shout hallelujah/we will shout praise the Lord” and climaxes in the chant.

“Olowogbogboro! Olowogbogboro!

Olowogbogboro! Olowogbogboro!”

There are so many pros in the songs and very few cons. The singers brought their A-game to the track; Simple relatable lyrics, sweet-sounding, a good mix of the Saxophone, drums and the other instruments giving the jazz feel that has come to be associated with Nathaniel Bassey.

A major talking point would be the timing of the release of the song. Critics would point at the Hallelujah challenge as a stunt created by the artiste to market this song.

Olowogbogboro is one that will catch on with the listeners and with his ever increasing fan base, this could be Nathaniel Bassey’s greatest hit yet.

Track Rating: 9/10


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