What Do You Do With An Unexpected N7million Alert?

What should a customer of a bank do when he or she receives an unexpected sum of money in his account?

This was the experience of a twitter user whose handle is @Raynergy on Tuesday, 15th August, 2017. The user sent out the following on Twitter:

“Dear @DiamondBankNG exactly at this time yesterday 7,310,000.00, seven million three hundred and ten thousand was transferred to my account/The transfer was made by a company. It’s exactly 24 hours & I have not been contacted. The money is not mine and I want it out of my account/Please follow back so I can DM my account information and any other details you may require. Thank you”

‘Uncle Ray’, his profile name on twitter, sent out these three tweets (each separated by a forward slash in the above quote) from 12:00pm on Tuesday, the 15th of August. That would imply that the alert came into his phone at about the same time on Monday, 14th August, 2017.

Explaining the reason behind his decision to broadcast the issue on twitter, the customer tweeted further after five hours of his initial announcement:

“Let me also reiterate that the bank or the customer did not contact me. I had waited for 24 hours hoping either would but none did/I had to escalate here on twitter and also visit the closest branch to request for the reversal of the erroneous credit transfer/I have just been contacted by a starff and the BM of the branch which my account is domiciled. I have been debited (sic) accordingly. CASE CLOSED”

Indeed, there was confirmation from the Diamond Bank verified twitter handle that the matter had been handled, with praise for the customer as “one rare Diamond”.

‘Uncle Ray’s narration of his experience and desire to return the money did leave some of those who responded gobsmacked, considering the amount that was involved. One user tweeted that “Even Buhari will not return it”. Some called on the bank that he be rewarded, but majority cheered him for ‘doing the right thing’.

‘Uncle Ray’, in his twitter bio, describes himself as an “ENGR!, Entrepreneur/Motivational & Inspirational Speaker/Sales and Business strategist”. He could not be reached for further comments, but, in his follow-up tweets to the incidence after it had been resolved, he stated that he “did not do it (raise the alarm) for fear. I did it because it was the right thing to do. I was taught to always do the right thing even though it was hard… My money (Your money) will come, when it will come, and with peace of mind I, “We” will enjoy. “Honesty still remains the best policy”!

If there is one value in his story, it is in the process he took in alerting the bank about the money in his account, including taking pains to visit the branch. Perhaps that should be the kind of willingness to literally go out of one’s way for positive actions that should change the country for the better.

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2 Replies to “What Do You Do With An Unexpected N7million Alert?”

  1. chuks says:

    Very inspiring given that many today see this gentleman as a fool for doing the right thing. Our present society lack good examples of how to be humane and Ray just gave a glimpse of it with this event. I wish we all take a cue especially our leaders from this great deed by a good man.

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