Is That The End of The Charly Boy Show?


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The ‘Our Mumu Don Do’ movement organized and led by the maverick entertainer, Charles Oputa, has decided against proceeding further with its #ResumeorResign protests. The protests which have held in Abuja, Lagos and in front of the Nigerian embassies in London and New York, were targeted at putting pressure on President Muhammadu Buhari to either return to Nigeria and resume office, or pen his resignation.

Buhari has been away from the country since May 7 undergoing treatment for an undisclosed illness in London. During his time there, he has had his aides fight his battles with the press in Nigeria, and it is probable that he has been aware of these battles too, having made a joke about Lai Mohammed being everywhere in the news when his media team visited few days ago.

It does appear that it has not been just the media team fighting for Buhari. Charly Boy’s group of protesters has met with dedicated opposition in their few days of hitting the streets with banners and chants against the President. First, it was the tear gas from the Police at the Unity Fountain from which the 66-year old was said to have “collapsed”. He would be accused of “over-dramatization” by the Force Public Relations Officer on Channels TV, even as personal assistant to the President on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie would say that he, and Deji Adeyanju, are only trying to earn their keep from doing the bidding of the PDP.

But Charly kept being Charly, and took his stardust to Wuse Market, the biggest market in the heart of Abuja. Reports have it that it had started well (people like to see their celebrity come to the market), but quickly descended into a near calamity. He barely escaped the mob of persons who would have none of his berating the President, and it has been alleged that these were some of the Hausa traders in the market.

Being pragmatic, Charly Boy has read the ethnic coloration that could splatter over his cause, and the resultant violence would not be in his best interest. He has quit the protests, for now.

When will the cameras be called back to the streets again? Not known.

The statement announcing the temporary suspension of the movement’s activities contains a line which demands that the President returns to the country and resumes duty within 21 days or they will seek judicial intervention to mandate the Federal Executive Council to trigger Section 144.

Countdown to 21 days, before the Charly Boy Show – of patriotism – resumes.

Feature image source: Our Mumu Don Do

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