The Past Week in Seven Quotes



It ended with the return to the country of President Muhammadu Buhari after 103 days in London, perhaps as the highlight for many Nigerians.

For ‘hailers’, it was the opportunity to stick it to the ‘wailers’, after a regiment of the suppressed local platoon had kept vigil in London asking the President to return to his country. As you would expect, the Presidency rubbished claims that Buhari was hurried off Abuja House to Abuja, and his 7am address on Monday, 21 August, should reassure Nigerians that he is now for the long haul.

The past week was much about Buhari, but there were other matters: the beginning of the Premier League, an online spat between Government officials, and in America, Charlotesville.

“No king, no council of elders, dictated an American belief system: we are united by our right to pursue happiness in every manner that does not get in each other’s way” Nancy Gibbs, in TIME, on President Trump and Charlottesville

Social Media:
“Jobless people! Everyone doing bogus study/survey. Unrealistic “findings” that can’t stand test of time. Anyway, they must ‘spended’ the $#$” Assistant Commisioner of Police Abayomi Shogunle, on the NBS and UNODC Corruption survey that the Police are the most prevalent in bribery

“Beware of proffering digital solutions to analog problems” Tunji Lardner, at TEDxYaba 2017

“If you can kick the ball forward, they ask for #10m – if you put the ball in the net, it’s #20m” Rafael Benitez, on the rise in transfer fees

“Those who have argued that Charly Boy should have known his limits and not gone to a market that was supposedly dominated by Buhari’s followers should recall that a similar argument was advanced last year. A man named his dog “Buhari” and the Lagos-Ogun area of Buhari cult followers lost their tiny minds. Those who keep arguing that these men should have known better than trigger Buhari’s followers must begin to ask: where does it end? Will we always have to diminish ourselves, and cut the coat of our political agency according to the size of our opponents’ tolerance cloth?” Abimbola Adelakun, in The Punch, on the suppression of Charly Boy’s protests

“Her Name is Stella. She was a star even unto death. She deserves to be honoured, immortalized” Cited by Prof Chidi Odinkalu in a piece written August 19, 2015, the first anniversary of the death of Dr Stella Ameyo Adadevoh, and rebroadcast on the third anniversary

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