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‘Lion King’ Working From Home Because of – Rats?

It would appear the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is being prevented from resuming his duties in his office because of an infestation of rodents.

“Following the three months period of disuse, rodents have caused a lot of damage to the furniture and the air conditioning units” said Mallam Garba Shehu, senior special assistant to the President on Media and Publicity as published by THISDAY newspapers of 23rd August 2017.

So, the President of Nigeria, in 2017, has to work from home because of – rats?

It beats the imagination, and defies reason. It should seem to be a normal thing in a country where neglect and lack of planning is so entrenched that it is the due process. It almost should not surprise that such should come forth from a Presidency which has reeked of a dodgy approach to its policies and stance on issues, no least, the new talk about ‘speech’.

Yet, rats under the President’s carpets are nothing but pure embarrassment, to say the least.

Unless President Muhammadu Buhari was not expected to return to the country ever again, unless the staff who were to clean those places were all with him in London without deputies in the country, unless Nigeria was never to have a President again, there is just no way to justify that the physical Office of the President should have been left to the management of rodents. It is reprehensible, and so irresponsible that it probably should not have been uttered by the spokesperson.

On the other hand, it probably is a reflection of the level of diligence employed in taking care of the affairs of the country by the present administration. For the record, the Aso Villa and every single piece of furniture in it are paid for and maintained by Nigerians, hence, a national property. That parts of it should be left to ruin because of the temporary absence of its occupants – should the staff involved still be in their jobs?

If they cannot make sure that piece of furniture and air conditioners will not be ruined by rodents, how exactly are they supposed to take care of 180 million people? Mallam Shehu says “it does not matter” if the President worked from the bedroom or sitting room (or other room?), if he does his job, a mindset which gives more credibility to the theory of ‘Anyhowness’, popularized by Feyi Fawehinmi, by which Nigeria is run.

Source: Feyi Fawehinmi (@DoubleEph on Twitter)

Again, this probably justifies suggestions that the President was hurried back to the country by the vigils of the London branch of #ResumeorResign protests. If he had been due to return, why would the office not have been renovated before his return, or has it always been in this state of mismanagement before May 7?

For what it’s worth, rats may have been summoned to excuse the possibility that the President may be in need of some time to fully recuperate outside of an office before fully resuming. The ‘Lion’ as king of the animal farm hanging the rats out to dry? About right.

Wait a minute: was Mallam Shehu using rats in a proverbial tone? Like removing some staff, aides and officers who have served snitched and spies? Was this space.

Feature image: Premium Times

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