The Apostle of Common Sense is not a hometown Prophet


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The people of Bayelsa-East senatorial district are not happy with their son, Ben Murray-Bruce, and has sent signals that he sit up or be unseated.

According to news reports, student bodies from the constituent areas of the district – Nembe, Brass and Ogbia – have decried the inability of the ‘common sense’ senator to attract “a single” project to his people. They allege that Bruce, a media mogul, gives goodies to foreigners but cannot even spare alms for those who sent him to Abuja.

Senator Bruce is one of those who has stood critical of the Buhari administration and the APC change agenda, tapping into popular discontent to create a place of value for his party, the PDP. The 61 year old has been an active part of conversations to increase youth involvement in politics and for developing local capacity for production against reliance on imports and foreign handouts.

However, it appears he has not reflected those views in substantial matters to his young people in Bayelsa. Buoyed by a flurry of clamors for recalls around the country from constituents, the youths of Bayelsa East are at the early stages of testing the waters by urging the self-appointed leader of A Common Sense Revolution – the title of a book he wrote on his philosophy about governance – to bring home the common benefits of being in Abuja on their behalf.

Like with recall signals before this, the youth groups would surely have some backing from sections of the Bayelsa political class, though no one has taken responsibility for the sponsorship. Let’s wait and see.

Feature image: Nigerian Senate on Twitter

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