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The Charly Boy Show Resumes With An APB For Diezani

Charles Oputa, entertainer and leader of the Our Mumu Don Do movement, is calling on the EFCC to initiate proceedings for the extradition Diezani Alison-Madueke, the former Minister of Petroleum, back to Nigeria.

Having taken time off to recover from the exertions of the interrupted #ResumeorResign protests, Charly Boy is taking up another cause to/against/for the Government on behalf of his constituency, the ‘disgruntled Nigerians’.

Mrs Alison-Madueke has been the most mentioned public official from the past administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, with several allegations of corruption brought against her by the EFCC. Billions of naira and millions of dollars, comprising various luxurious properties including a yacht, have been credited to the former OPEC boss, with a handful of court seizures already issued.

Yet, she has not been invited to the country from the UK where she receives treatment for cancer to answer to the allegations. In a piece which was published earlier this month on the website of the International Centre for Investigative Journalism (but quickly deleted), the former Minister gave a detailed rebuttal of all the claims made against her, insisting she never stole anything from the Nigerian Government in her time as Minister.

Apparently, Charly Boy, 66, has had enough of the media advertisement of Mrs Alison-Madueke’s so-called loot and wants the accusing body to start putting it to her in person. The statement made by his group to Premium Times indicates that they “will be holding a 2-day sit out in front of the EFCC Headquarters to demand that the federal government applies for her extradition and prosecution in Nigeria”.

Charly Boy and Deji Adeyanju claimed success for accelerating the return of President Muhammdu Buhari to the country with their sit outs at the Unity Fountain in Abuja, attracting the attention of those in London to create a detachment in front of Abuja House. That success would have been a motivation in initiating this move, even if it may resonate less amongsr the populace than the matter of Buhari’s return.

That said, they will not be underestimated.

Should the sit outs begin, it will be interesting to see how the Police handles this particular case, after being chastised by the public and even the National Assembly for interrupting their #ResumeorResign protests.

Charly Boy’s group would also do well to be on their guard going to the EFCC’s office to protest, with the recent shooting at the Wuse Zone 7 office. There couldn’t be a connection between the protest and the shooting, could there?

Feature image source: PUNCH

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