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Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan welcomed their second child and daughter this month, and her name is August.

On his facebook account, the owner of the world’s most valuable social media network published a tender letter to the newborn, in which he wishes that she takes all the time she needs to grow up and promises to make it worth her while.

Mark’s letter is a good capture of how every other parent would feel about the childhood of their children, but it is also true that the majority of parents in the world cannot realistically promise the kind of things he does. To be sure, they are about the basic provisions every child should have; good and long sleeps, reading widely and imagining wildly, and growing up to a world free of violence and disease.

The letter is brief and really beautiful, but how about we bring it down, paragraph by paragraph, to the level of some family you can more easily relate with? Not many persons this part of the world name their children a month on the calendar, but we can use one that comes close.

Dear Augusta,

Thank God there were no complications; I and your mother are grateful for you, because though times are hard, every child is a gift from God.

When your sister was born, we planned that before we would have another, we would have made enough for her to be in a very good school and also be able to move to another apartment away from this neighbourhood. The landlord recently increased the house rent here, school fees have increased, and more and more workers are being sacked in my office. Your mum has done well to begin her Master’s degree, and I am taking a certificate course to boost my career prospects, but it has been quite challenging juggling all of these together. As much as these would seem hard to bear, it is still with great faith in a better tomorrow that we welcome you to our lives.

You are a child today but we know that children of nowadays, of this jet age, grow so fast that before you know it, they have become taller than you. We know that there are so many opportunities in the world today and if we train you well, we know you will become the shining light of this family. So we are going to do all we can to give you serious attention and good home training.

Your sister will be a doctor, so it is only normal that you will be a lawyer. And to make sure you grow up to aspire to this, we will buy you toys that will get you to acclimatize with the legal profession. You will have cute Barbie dolls dressed in robe and wig, and we will look for a baby-size gavel at one of the markets nearby. I can’t wait for you to become able to read so that my old Enid Blyton novels will become yours, and as you approach the right age, you will start reading Falana’s opinions and watching Ozekhome on TV. There will be time for everything; you will watch Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network but only after you have done your homework. There will be no TV during exams; instead, you will burn your midnight candles.

Life is very challenging and that is why we will make sure you start well and on time. You will only be a child once but if the foundation is destroyed, your adulthood will be like those of our neighbours; we absolutely do not want that for you. We will ensure that you have the best moral guidance to be upright and of sound judgment so that together with your sister, you will represent this family well as model children and make us proud as parents.

Augusta, you will be the head and not the tail and we are going to make sure you fulfill your destiny. You will be among the stars of your generation and everything you lay your hand upon shall succeed. Where others go and fail, you will go and succeed, and your enemies will be asleep when you are awake. We will always be here for you and you will make us proud.

God Bless you,

Your father and mother.

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