Ndi Anambra, It Has to be Chidoka


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By Immanuel James Ibe-Anyanwu

In discussing the Igbo question in Nigeria, I have always believed the Igbo needs to build a political aristocracy that thinks home. A crop of leaders young enough to have a stake in the future they are talking about, and educated enough to imagine and execute it.

We can generate brand new leaders, or identify with current politicians who have shown promise and grit. From governors to illustrious law-makers at state assemblies to ministers to federal legislators. People who will become the faces of the Igbo nation, who have the gravitas and work ethic that command respect.

Given certain circumstances, Anambra, more than any other Igbo state, is the gateway to that robust Igbo sociopolitical imagination. There is the enterprise and human capital, the comparative geographical advantage for sea, land, and industrial development. In the hands of a competent leader who is Igbo in truth and spirit, the state can provide direction for the region and set the pace.

Which is why I’m interested in the forthcoming election in Anambra. I watched yesterday’s debate online from start to end. Despite coming from Imo, I have taken time to examine the manifestos of the guber candidates. None boasts the clarity and insight I find in what Osita Chidoka offers. Charismatic, young, educated, intelligent, diligent. A man who believes in himself, who has built capacity with nothing but a little-known political party and the exuberance of his vision.

Osita has put in a lot of hard work and has demonstrated that he can be trusted with power. At a time when Igbo politicians, especially those in this contest, ducked association with the recent Igbo agitation, Osita stuck out his neck for Ndigbo. While many think that was political opportunism, I think that was bravery. The other candidates did not stay away for nothing.

For the first time in my life on Facebook, I’m endorsing a candidate. I have no links whatsoever to his campaign. I’m doing this for the Igbo nation, putting our hopes in the hands of the Anambra electorate. Spread the word for this man. Mobilize and vote. He has neither a godfather nor the dubious wealth of his opponents. Ndi Anambra, please help Ndigbo elect a leader that can speak for all of us.


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