What Politicians Don’t Tell You When Pushing You To Join Politics


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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was recently credited with a statement that young people should not remain complainants but should become active politicians to effect their desired change. If only it were that easy in Nigeria.

Ayisha Osori would know. She made the effort to run for a seat in the Federal House of Representatives in the last general elections, but came up against many of the obstacles that seem to portray Nigerian politics as an exclusive club where the few at the helm detest unsolicited competition. In the tweets that follow, she brings, from a place of experience, her perspective to the “go and join politics!” conversation.

So quick exercise: do you know where the offices of the main political parties are in your ward? What of your local government? Can we find them online? Let us know what you find.

Osori has documented her experience traversing the power corridors and inconvenient late night meetings of Abuja, from Wadata Plaza to the Bwari Area Council offices, in the book ‘Love Does Not Win Elections’.

[Tweets published here with permission from Ayisha Osori]

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