What Can We Expect From Kemi Adetiba’s New Movie?



Start saving money to see ‘King of Boys’ on your next stop at the cinemas. Why? Because it is a Kemi Adetiba movie.

The movies, music videos and documentary producer and director whose touch made Wedding Party a rewarding cinematic experience (and perhaps whose absence from the sequel made it a N1500 not-very-well-spent) announced on Monday that the movie will be out this year.

After the success of the Wedding Party in 2016, Adetiba’s King Women series of 2017 further warmed her into the hearts of many who found the episodes of Nigerian women – from Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett and Fela Durotoye, to Chioma ‘Chigurl’ Omeruah and Adesuwa Oyenokwe – telling the stories of their life journey inspirational. ‘King of Boys’ will be her second film.


She may not be the central subject of the screenplay but we can expect to be immersed into a great story. That was the appeal of the Wedding Party as well as the King Women series. A former radio host, Adetiba has made herself synonymous with the creation of narratives that captivate. The attention to producing a good story and coming out with a fine end product should ensure that ‘King of Boys’ would not be just a show off of beautiful  artifacts, fine people and the customary shot of the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge.

Nigeria’s movie industry has, over the last five or so years, taken a decidedly new dimension aimed at catching up with the more advanced societies of the world. It has led to the production of genuinely good projects but also some really under-par stuff. We cannot foresee whether the story of the ‘King of Boys’ is set in Ojuelegba or in Dubai but it can only be wished that the story will be originally Nigerian, speaking to the idiosyncrasy of the Nigerian’s life, whether lived in the country or overseas.

After the mixed bag that was 2017 on the scale of quality movies – the like of Isoken and Roti on one side while Wedding Party 2 and Okafor’s Law on the other – it will be expected that the industry ascends a higher level in 2018.

Let’s see if the ‘King of Boys’ sets the pace for this new level.


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