President Oprah Winfrey? It’s A Possibility


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America’s next President after Donald Trump could be television and media magnate, Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes held on the 7th of January has resonated around media circles in the US as the kind of public expression that sets one up for public office. The highlight of the speech was when she said “a new day is on the horizon”, which has since been taken up by commentators as a possible campaign slogan for 2020.

Ms Winfrey, 63, is very much an institution in the media industry, especially in the business of talk shows. Comparisons have been drawn to Trump in that both established themselves in the consciousness of the American audience through their regular features on the screen. Proponents of an Oprah bid for the White House believe she is more self-made than Trump who got a massive lift from his father’s real estate holdings.

Were she to run, Oprah would be among the forerunners for the Democratic Party, and possibly leading to the party having a woman as its nominee for the second consecutive election. She has high approval ratings amongst members of the party according to polls, scoring even higher than former Vice President Joe Biden.

However, many Americans do not want her to be President, even among the Democrats. Some think she is already the Queen, hence does not need to be President. For others, it is the tradition of the party to elect persons perceived to possess sufficient government experience and intellectual backing. Some commentators are already averse to the idea of another celebrity President who could be very good at wooing crowds at campaign stops but would not be able to manage the West Wing in a way that will avoid turning into a house of chaos and mediocrity.

In previous times, Oprah had vehemently declined the lure to run for public office of any form but after seeing Trump to it 14 months ago, there could be a window of opportunity for her to counter the Make America Great Again message with the story of her journey as an embodiment of the American Dream.

The Trump White House has welcomed the challenge of a possible contest with Oprah in 2020, even as other heavyweights like Senator Bernie Sanders are expected to be in the mix.

What do Russians think of Oprah though?


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