Nigeria 2019: Should We Leave Our Fate to the Decision of Only 15%?


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Kingsley Moghalu, a former deputy Governor of the Central Bank, wants you to get your permanent voter’s card (PVC) and prepare to vote when polls open in 400 days time.

Prof Moghalu has been active on the public commentary circles in the last couple of months, consciously focusing on getting to the youth demographic to take the future of Nigeria into their hands. He has followed up on his rousing address at the Future Awards last December with a precise, thought-provoking, data-backed video missive on why there should be no apathy towards voting in the coming electoral cycle:

“Just 29 million of 91 million eligible people voted in Nigeria’s last election.

That’s 15% of our entire population. That 15% determined how we go to school, the food we put on our tables, how businesses are taxed and even what programmes you will watch on television next week.

Those that did not vote in April 2015 lost their chance to choose who made those decisions for us all. 62 million people – 62 million fellow compatriots – had the chance to shape their destiny but stood silent.

Every decision that shapes your life as a Nigerian citizen begins with an election, simply because everything from road safety to child birth is regulated by elected officials and their appointees. Even in the most perfect of circumstances, it will require years of collective hardwork to make Nigeria begin to truly work for you and for me.

Let’s face it: things are far from perfect in Nigeria. So, our present and our future – all of it comes down to you. Your votes, your choices.

In 2015, 15% made the choice for all of us. In 2019, I want you to be the young man trying to feed his family who will reshape this country.   I want you to be the young business woman who will steer our nation’s course.

By making the simple choice of registering to vote and obtaining your voter’s card, you seize the opportunity to help direct our journey. It is your right and it is vital. It is vital for you and it is vital for US to rise together.

If there is any lesson Nigerians should take away from elections that have occurred all over the world, it is this; every vote matters. You matter…”

The short speech is more impressive when you hear it from Prof Moghalu himself.


Would you not rather get your PVC?

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