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Justice For Leah, By Immanuel James Ibe-Anyanwu

Al-Barnawi, the morally upright terrorist who returned the kidnapped Dapchi girls, has a new slave. Her name is Liah Sharibu—Christian, female, Nigerian and innocent.

I have been thinking about Liah and the lesson she has served the world. For refusing to denounce her faith and embrace that of her abductors, she became a forest slave, mentioned in the passing in media reports and, in most places, faceless and anonymous.

Al-Barnawi is a moral terrorist who makes an innocent girl a slave for serving God the way she was taught. She is the only one left behind.

On the face of it, it seems foolish. Perhaps it is: she could as well have pretended to convert just for the freedom. Perhaps that is wisdom. I wonder what kind of dangerous indoctrination could make a young girl jeopardize her life like that. Liah Sharibu refused to accept a one-legged freedom and I believe her story is not ended yet.

Liah is a brave girl, even if ill-advised, teaching us that, no matter the condition, there are still people who can stand for what they believe in. She is teaching the nation to call the bluff of terror impunity, to question a freedom whose terms are determined by the oppressor. She is my hero in all of this, and I think we should share her story to get justice for her.

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