This Police Officer Making Death Threat Needs To Be Questioned

No laws criminalize the questioning of a Police man or an elder, but a Nigerian could apparently have lost her life at the hands of an officer for doing just that.

In a Facebook conversation about a policeman’s mistreatment of lady by smashing her phone, a supposed Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) weighed in with an opinion so shocking and ominous it should get the attention of the Nigeria Police.

The officer’s name is given on Facebook as ‘Buloljohnsam Samuel’, with a connected Instagram account by the same first name, though the account is private.

Mr Buloljohnsam’s terrible sentence composition should raise concerns on the quality of officers in Nigeria’s primary intelligence and security organisation, but his threat is obviously the more pressing alarm to be feared at this time. Online bullying is generally regarded as a repulsive behaviour without place in civilized spaces and not even the arms-bearing privileges that come with a Police badge could make it remotely tolerable to bully people on the internet.

But this is far more than bullying. Here, an officer is allegedly telling an individual how lucky she is to still be alive because he had not been on duty at the scene of the incident. Surely that must be a concern to authorities at Louis Edet House if the Police is the Nigerian’s friend?

With the report of the promotion of Danjuma Ibrahim, one of the police officers fingered in the killing of six persons in Apo, Abuja, in 2005, to the rank of Assistant Inspector General of police (AIG), recent news from the Police has been anything but popular with the mass of Nigerians.

Reporting a police officer is not an automatic call for his termination but a fatal threat by a law enforcement officer to a citizen should not pass lightly without an objective assessment and inquiry.


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