A Black Thursday of Robbery and Death in Offa brings SARS usefulness into question

How did a robbery gang storm Offa, Kwara state, killing policemen and residents, while executing a robbery of banks, all in broad daylight?

The casualty figures are as high as 41, reflecting a carnage that should not be expected in any part of the country where security and anti-robbery squads are usually touted with pride. The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), has been in the bad books of Nigerians for bullying, harassment of innocent people and extra-judicial killings but the Police and federal government resisted calls to end the outfit.

With the catastrophe that took place in Offa, it is worth asking what exactly their value is. Those who know the city well have observed that SARS could not have been unaware of the attack giving they usually are stationed around the environment where the gang laid siege.

Senate President Bukola Saraki, who is from Kwara, released a statement saying the cruel individuals who effected the bloody Thursday will answer for their crimes. But that comes with fears of what SARS will do; will they round up innocent people on the street and make them scapegoats for their own inability to detect and foil the robbery?


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