PSPs will now be involved in residential waste for Cleaner Lagos (Reason and Pragmatism prevail)

After weeks of reports in the media revealing the significant deficit in capacity of Visionscape, the Lagos state government has revised the Cleaner Lagos Initiative.

The PSPs had been confined to the collection of commercial waste while Visionscape handled all residential waste. In simple words, this has not worked. Lagos was becoming dirtier with potential for all kinds of unfortunate consequences.

But in a victory for pragmatism, the government has returned the PSPs, under a new name, to residential waste collection.

Following the previous fallout between PSP operators and the Lagos state government over the reshuffling of residential waste collection responsibilities under the Cleaner Lagos Initiative, a progressive consensus has now been reached between both partiesa statement by CLI on Thursday said.

This new development contains an agreement which will see PSP operators, now referred to as Waste Collection Operators under the scheme, return to their former role as residential waste collectors, while Visionscape oversees waste management infrastructural reforms in the state.

The agreement was announced today after the state government extended a proverbial olive branch to the aggrieved operators in a bid to resolve the long drawn out issues, and prompt the WCOs to return to regular waste collection operations in the state.

The reversal can be seen as a realisation of the futility in creating a monopoly of waste management in a city of 22 million people within 1171 sq km like Lagos. Visionscape is only at 30% capacity and does not have any prior experience in municipal waste management.

To have kicked out the PSPs to create special favours for them was bound to produce inefficiency. It is only reasonable that the government has reviewed and revised accordingly.


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