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There is no such thing as “foreign aid”, By Uchenna Ezinwa Uchenna

Years of study and observation have shown me that there is no such thing as “foreign aid”.

Countries help when it is aligned with their strategic future objectives. Most foreign aid doesn’t enrich the country.

Of course it enriches the people at the top who collect the money, but overall, the country is made worse by it.

The donators know the money is mostly embezzled, but they give this aid to access resources at little or no cost.

The aid destabilises the economy because a formerly self-sufficient people now believe they need more than they used to have.

This in itself isn’t bad, but you find that the “more” that they need is targeted towards the donor country.

The donations make way for creation of infrastructure, electricity, internet and satellite access, International TV and media.

This in itself isn’t bad, but let’s look at the long term effect.

Because you have electricity, you want a TV. As you watch Cable TV, you see all the advancements in the donor country and you want to be like them. You begin craving their clothes, their unhealthy packaged foods advertised on their media. You crave their culture and lifestyle. You begin to see your country, culture and lifestyle as backward. You see them as signs of luxury.

What does this do? You start buying their food. You buy the chocolates, cereal etc. You buy their music and buy the clothes you see their musicians wear on TV. This begins creating a market for them in your country. This market expands gradually over many years, till you look outside your window and you see Domino’s Pizza. From movies and TV to real life.

You look around your country. Your cinemas which you copied from them, with few exceptions show movies from their country.

The market is expanding. Netflix comes to Nigeria and people pay hard earned Naira for the subscription service.

The market is expanding.

You drive around town. The large shops in your country have 90% of their products from outside your country.

The funny thing is this:

They make you think this is right and normal.

They make you feel this is progress in the right direction.

China under Mao Zedong closed their borders for 30 years to stop the spread of westernization.

Yes, a great number of people died. This is completely wrong and I don’t in any way condone it.

But look at the result.

China is among the top 2 largest economies in the world.

But we have meekly allowed their unrestricted spread.

Their clothes and culture is the new normal in our country.

We divorce like them. We use their social networks and market websites.

Here’s what China uses:

For WhatsApp, they use WeChat

For Twitter, they use Weibo

For Google, they use Baidu

For Facebook Messenger, they use QQ messenger

For YouTube, they use Youku

For Amazon, they use Alibaba

What does this do?

When Cambridge Analytica wants to steal personal information, they cannot get from China.

When CIA wants to monitor your Social Media, they find it difficult to get from China.

They build the entrepreneurs in their country by using their creations.

The best selling phone brands in China are Xiaomi and Huawei, all Chinese phones.

They read Chinese books and literature.

This may look like government restriction, but the long term effect is that they keep their country and culture. And this is a good thing, however impefect it is.

We in Nigeria have been brainwashed so thoroughly, we don’t even realize it. This is the best form of brainwashing.

We swallow it, hook, line and sinker.

We have disdain for our country.

We pay for DSTV, to another country.

We pay for Snickers chocolates, to another country

We go to Shoprite, from another country.

And I recently found that even Jumia is owned by Rocket Internet, from another country. I’m 100% sure of this because I receive Investor Relations mail from Rocket Internet.


Whatever group of people who sat down and concocted this plan deserve credit.

They are geniuses.

This is why a person will have the boldness to call us “SHITHOLE COUNTRIES”.

We think we own our economy.

Essentially, we are like a branch office of a multinational organization that regularly sends the majority of our National Budget every year to our parent company abroad.

Open your eyes.

Vote for a leader that will understand this reality and strengthen indeginous ownership of business.

We need to take back our country.

My name is Uchendu Ezinwa Uchendu.


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