These ‘Young and Fit’ Men Are Trying Out For The Nigeria Police

With the usual stories of shortage of officers, it has often been said that the Nigerian Police should engage more often in active recruitment. However, not many persons will be impressed by a photo that emerged on Twitter showing what appeared to be recruitment process of the Nigerian Police force.

The image does not contain information about the supposed applicants in terms of their age and fitness. But the first deductions that can be made on observation (at least of the man with a well-rounded stomach) do not exactly inspire confidence that they tilt towards the requirements.

Nigerians deserve a well-staffed and effective security infrastructure, beginning from the Police who are the basic law enforcement organs in the country. Ability for security is not necessarily dependent on body build, as one may tend to judge. It is, however, of little or no profit to the professionalisation of the Force if the officers are not recruited according to the specifications provided for certain ranks, especially with respect to age.


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