How Do You Claim From An Insurance Company After An Accident?

The importance of motor insurance is fully realised in an event of accident (loss). We will be talking more on the Third Party insurance cover as it affects other road users including pedestrians, other vehicles, occupiers of these vehicles and properties owned by third parties.

The whole essence of motor (third party) insurance is to have in place the minimum insurance to take care of the vehicle owner’s legal liabilities to third parties, while using his vehicle on the road. Section 143 of the Road Traffic Act states that “a person must not use a motor vehicle on a road unless there is in force, in relation to the use of the vehicle by that person, such a policy of insurance or security in respect of third party risks…” We can deduce from this that the policy  is meant to take care of vehicle owners’ legal liabilities for third party bodily injuries, death or property damage whilst using their vehicles on the road, as most road users may lack the resources to cover these costs out of pocket at the time of occurrence.


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In the event of an accident likely going to lead to a claim, the policy holder, through his broker or in person if he has no broker, must do the following:

  • Notify the underwriter as soon as possible.
  • The Policyholder’s responsibility to describe what happened. (Fill out the claim form)
  • We are in the technology era, using your phone to take pictures of damaged parts will be helpful.
  • Policy report (especially if life is involved)
  • Other requirements as may be demanded by your insurer.

However, it is not his responsibility to accept liability for the loss; that is for the underwriter to determine, based on the account of the accident by policy holder.

Please note that a third party motor policy provides relief for third parties only; it does not cover own damage or provide personal relief for the policy holder. There is a modified Motor (Third Party) insurance in the market, with additional premium the policy can be extended to cover own damage to a certain limit. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful policy, because for just N5,000  premium, you transfer the unlimited liabilities for third party bodily injuries and death and limited third party property damage liabilities to your underwriter.

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Whenever you are involved in an accident that is the fault of the other driver, we can hold the driver to report the incident to his insurance provider and fill out the claim form. A danfo driver that hits you and has insurance shouldn’t fret. Take photos, you go with him to his insurance company and let him lay claim to hitting you and you get paid. Ensure you have a quotation for the fix before the two of you get to the insurance company.

Avoiding embarrassment and delay in your journey by law enforcement agents should not be the reason for obtaining the minimum insurance cover (Third party). Be informed that you can claim from this policy. Yes, it costs only an insignificant amount but very useful.


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