Eunice’s Feminism, Confusion and Sophistication


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Presidential aspirant, Eunice Atuejide, became the subject of mentions for her expressions on feminism on Wednesday. It drew praise, judging by the more than one thousand retweets, but also fierce swipes at the apparent contradiction of her earlier posts bewailing the all-maleness of a photo of her fellow apsirants in a meeting.

What should be made of her protestation? Macdonald Ukah crystallizesd his thoughts:

Regarding our self-contradicting presidential aspirant, the following:

1. It is important to remember that where feminism is concerned, dictionary definitions do not suffice these days. Regardless of its origins, that movement is today at the center of our 21st century postmodernist storm, which makes it a prime candidate for contestable meanings!!!

2. That lack of clarity takes expression in the diversity in the class of characters who self-identify as feminist, and its reflective of the character of the term, “feminism”, as a collective label for a mixed bag of socio-political aspirations.

Which is why two individuals who would rather claw each other’s eyes out due to their opposing positions on a range of “women’s issues” may both identify as feminist, whilst others who may share a platform on a single “woman’s issue” could find themselves exchanging verbal rockets over one’s embrace of the label and the other’s vehement rejection of it.

Call it confusion if you like! That is one of the central features of a postmodernist world!!!

3. Our aspirant is a victim of her lack of sophistication, and the responses she is getting, whilst harsh, are legitimate, if not warranted. Social media is a public square (the most obvious statement in the world), which means that the expression of a viewpoint is an invitation for it to be sliced and diced and, where warranted, ridiculed.

As an aside, I am mindful that there is an undercurrent in global politics these days which seems to pit sophistication against authenticity. Folks are welcome to take their picks. It must be remembered that these two qualities do not mutually exclude themselves though!!!

Editor: Are the less sophisticated amongst us permitted to be vulnerable in the public focus group? Whatever their communication flaws, are their convictions about their values and lived experiences relevant?

They are. We would hope that the highly literate see beyond the trappings of their sophistication, where it genuinely exists. However, we can’t dictate how they – the highly literate – may respond. It is important to remember that they are not a homogenous group; they comprise the gracious and the conceited alike.


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