There Are “Quick Fixes” For Lagos Traffic Problems – Sanwo-Olu


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Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the APC gubernatorial candidate in Lagos state, is working on a plan for making traffic jams and gridlocks in the state a thing of the past.

According to The Cable, the man backed by Bola Tinubu to succeed Governor Akinwunmi Ambode next May revealed in a chat with journalists that certain “quick fixes” on Lagos roads could achieve “quick wins” for the 22 million residents of the city who traverse the city day and night. Sanwo-Olu described Lagos’ traffic problems as part of a global occurence also found in New York and London, advocating “creative thinking” as the bedrock for solving his state’s cases of recurring gridlock.

The crux of his “quick fixes” panacea is that, in places where there are four lanes blocked with the opposite four lanes empty, road traffic authorities could develop a mechanism to “create two additional lanes from these four lanes that are empty”. This will presumably be done at those times in the day when traffic density is low.

“All we need to do” Sanwo-Olu says “is look at – how do we solve the issues around enforcement and management of it: where are the entry and exit points? Make this one six lanes in the morning when you are going, the other one two lanes and in the evening you do a reverse”

Sanwo-Olu’s innovative solution (at least to him and his advisers) is that such solution would require next to no investment in new infrastructure which usually take time to build. The burden would be in ensuring that road traffic management in Lagos is handled by professionals with the capacity to coordinate the load transfers between lanes while averting confusion on the part of the public. He related to his audience that the idea was still at the fleshing-out stage as he has meetings scheduled with people identifying main traffic congestion hotspots around the state.

On another topic, the candidate expressed surprise that the details of Lagos state’s budgets are not made available to the public: “I’m actually hearing it for the first time, I thought Lagos State was top on that”.  A veteran of at least one administration under Lagos Governors of the fourth republic, Sanwo-Olu has held commissionerships in Economic Planning and Budget, Commerce and Industry, and in Establishments, Training and Pensions between 2003 and 2015. However, he claimed to be unaware of the secrecy in Lagos government’s financial details, according to Premium Times.


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