Let’s Settle The Buhari ‘Jubril from Sudan’ Theory



Forty years ago this month, a total of 918 people took a drink mixed with cyanide and died. It was in the Peoples Temple settlement in Jonestown, Guyana. They obeyed without question because it was at the proclamation of their leader, Jim Jones.

I digress. Please, listen to Professor Ajayi Boroffice:

“For a 75 years old adult to be cloned, a living cell must be obtained and subjected to some manipulations that will convert it to [a] totipotent cell. The totipotent cell will now undergo embryological development that will produce a young human fetus.

Therefore, for the clone to look like the same man, it must be exposed to the exact environment for a period equivalent to 75 years”

Senator Boroffice obtained a PhD in Human Genetics in 1975. He’s an APC politician nowadays but what he says above is scientifically true.

But the current conspiracy theory about ‘Jubril from Sudan’ is not about cloning. When Nnamdi Kanu set off the fire before disappearing last year, he merely suggested that the person we still call President Muhammadu Buhari is a body double. According to Kanu, the period of one of Buhari’s extended vacations in London was used to carry-out the swap. Apparently, Jubril successfully rammed through a crash course on Buhari’s mannerisms of speech, smirks and smile. Since returning to the country, the Sudanese decoy has channeled Buhari well enough to evade popular suspicion.

That’s the tale and many have bought into it.

A few facts

President Buhari returned to Nigeria from his longest medical vacation on August 19, 2017. He left London a few days after protesters began to form at Abuja House but was not smuggled into the country in anyway that mirrored the Yar’adua scenes from February 2010. Buhari looked frail; it was a big deal that Vice President Osinbajo held his hand as he made his way through the scores of people at his welcome after landing in Abuja. We were told he had to work from home due to rat infestation of his office. Not a few persons took that as a sign he needed more time to recover. Consensus was more along the lines of ‘this man never well. Make he resign go rest’.

Since that time, the President has gone on a few other medical vacations but never as long. He has made public appearances including visiting the South East in November of 2017. At each of the last two United Nations General Assembly meets, he addressed world leaders standing for thirteen and nineteen minutes respectively, pretty much standard fare for the occasion.

Why the Cynicism?

Nobody knows what (other) basis Nnamdi Kanu has for his claims. After postulating a plot involving the killing of a diplomat in Sudan, nothing more has come forth.

There is no reason to believe he actually has anything beyond a long-running animosity everyone already knows about. The majority of those peddling the Jubril theory are noticeably affiliated with or in some way sympathizers of Kanu’s cause. You may say some of these people need help but not those intentionally pushing it to engineer an environment to advance a message.

Distortion is Dangerous

This is a theory not spreading based on logical conviction. Photo collages comparing ears and hands used in writing are not evidence. Its strongest promoters are banking on emotional resonance with people bearing a grudge against the President. By creating an alternate reality, a medium exists for fueling frustrations and antagonism. Voting him out is one end goal to be achieved, obviously.

It is a dangerous game to play. Even if it has not caught on because of the ease of debunking, manipulations of this type but with greater chance of being believable could become attempted with more sophistication. Fake news travels faster than real news and produces bad consequences. There are enough contemporary examples in different parts of the world showing that is not a path we want to go.

History has a clear deterrent, if we need one. Jim Jones, in November 1978, led people into a desert after months of dubious manipulative excitement. They went to their graves in one day but their deaths began months before, one sip of the cult leader’s poisoned emancipation chalice at a time.


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