Podcast: Discussing Gokada’s Ambitions With CEO Deji Oduntan

On a good day when you enter a bus in Lagos, multiple stops mean you can never be sure of your estimated time of arrival. That’s before you factor in traffic problems, and the not uncommon occurrence of vehicular breakdowns.

Movement in the big city is uneasy. There is a lot frustrating about living in Lagos state, but residents probably complain more about transportation than any other thing. Ubiquity of bad roads across Nigeria makes this sort of national problem too. Solutions can’t come any faster.

Enter Gokada.

In this episode of the BTLP podcast, Nedu and Enyioma speak with Deji Oduntan. He is the co-founder of Gokada, the bike-hailing service launched this year. Mr Oduntan talks about his inspiration, why the business model had to change at some point to be particular to Nigeria, and an exclusive on the Gokada app.

He also mentions one thing he learned from the Nigerian business environment which he did not learn in Business School.

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