Podcast: How Doctoora Is Making Private Healthcare Practice Cool in Nigeria


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Have you met a Nigerian medical student in his clinical years and asked him about private practice?

Many of them are not giddily looking up to it. Too many factors mitigate against setting up your thing as a medical practitioner in Nigeria. Must-haves like start-up capital are pretty easy to navigate compared to more structural quirks that have embedded inefficiency into the Nigerian healthcare market, from availability to service delivery.

To understand how technology and finance innovation can break this vicious cycle, Nedu and Enyioma of the BTLP podcast spoke to Dr Debo Odulana, founder of Doctoora. The start-up provides co-work space for healthcare professionals to be able to begin and sustain their practice. It will be two years old in ten days time.

Odunlana’s aim is to close the gap on infrastructure that discourages private practice,  but how have they been doing this?

Perception, Insurance, etc

In this conversation, he elaborates on the two marketplaces Doctoora provides and the perception problems affecting healthcare in Nigeria. He also gives a background on the principles and goals of health insurance and provides insight into the behavioural economics of healthcare in Nigeria.

This is one rich conversation for enthusiasts who want to see Nigeria’s healthcare quagmire fixed. Like it is now common to say, many of us are one catastrophic illness away from poverty and needing a GoFundMe.

The conversation is in two parts; start with the first above and continue with the second below.

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