Disable Your Nnamdi Kanu Notifications. And Vote on February 16.


The 2019 Elections

Nnamdi Kanu, from his ostensibly comfortable hiding place in London, has revealed that Atiku Abubakar is a Cameroonian.

In a Sunday evening broadcast, the Ipob leader weaved the PDP candidate into a broader message advocating a boycott of the February 16 presidential elections. Kanu’s call is for his members to sit in their homes on election day which, according to him, will be the day for a referendum on Biafra.

Suffice to say the announcement was met with loud boos. Kanu’s voice has been, before now, tolerated as a welcome dissenter with a welcome rogue medium for channeling the frustrations of a people. Many who did not agree with him found good reason to not shout him down, even when he was, on a number of occasions, purposefully incendiary or engaging in conspiracy theorizing. The spread of the Jubril persona was helped by this license to speak freely as long as the shots were fired towards fulfilling the ‘Back to Daura’ agenda.

With his latest pronouncement on Atiku, Kanu comes clean as a mere rambler without a fibre of principle in his bone or activist credential in his finger. His call for election boycott is a repeat of what he said in November 2017 against the Anambra governorship elections. He was significantly ignored then and going by commentaries after proclaiming the ludicrous demand again – this time doused in conspiracy theory – he is being called out for foolishness and fraud. Not a few persons have suggested he is working for the APC’s re-election of Muhammadu Buhari.

It would seem hearing less from the Ipob ‘leader’ serves a better purpose for all Nigerians, including people from the South East. This is NOT a call for him to be treated with unjust force by the security apparatus of the state; he should have the freedom to ramble on, on his airtime. And because he already has too much influence not to be listened to, it would be unwise to totally ignore his broadcasts. You want to know the day he actually loses his cool and calls for all hell to break lose.

The point is: his followers have to wake up and smell the coffee, quit the Koolaid and exit Kanu’s WhatsApp (Telegram? Slack?) group. Nnamdi Kanu is playing himself in a game, wherein everyone else is a means to his end. If no one is sure what that end is, abandoning one’s civic duties to serve his well-fed British-Nigerian ego is rank irresponsibility. And foolishness.


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