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Let this not be the very Nigerian averted-disaster event that is only followed by a thanksgiving for “putting enemies to shame”. The video of that helicopter wreck from which Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and nine others were rescued is bad. The incident should be investigated for safety records.

Election campaign event, by their hectic nature, are probable occasions for mishaps. As poll dates draw closer, tired minds are likely to be less careful and meticulous in manning their posts and tightening lose bolts. Prior to the VP’s incident at Kabba, we have seen videos from Kebbi state where a platform gave way under the weight of PDP campaigners. If the version of the latter you received included some music, you possibly had a good laugh from the synchronization of the fall.

Surrogates of APC and PDP have sought to use these events as campaign material for and against each other according to how they deem fit. Buhari has “congratulated” his VP for surviving the crash, and campaign aides are more than subtle in their efforts to milk the showers of concern for good measure. There is a theory that Osinbajo being in a private helicopter is further material to show ‘the cabal’ is not letting him be.

But for the important and desirable good of public safety, there can be no levity with regards to making sure these do not recur.

The only certain way of doing that is by having objective fact-finding inquiries into these cases. Simply moving on from them because “God forbid, it won’t happen again” is dangerous, un-progressive and an invitation to more. Nobody has provided an authoritative explanation to the fraudulent Immigration exams stampede that claimed at least a dozen lives, including pregnant women. Six months after that, TB Joshua’s church building collapsed in Lagos but there remains no closure on that too. Perhaps it is naive to expect anything in these recent cases lacking casualties.

But multiple cases of negligence learn from mistakes do not good students make. And bad students repeatedly fail, unless they do the hard work of reviewing their notes.


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