Hey! So you want to know why we are “inquizi”?


inquizimedia.com is your home for insightful commentaries on news, events and everyday life, aimed at driving critical evaluation in our society.

We discuss news, events and everyday realities in the form of Who, Why, What, Where and How questions, especially about Nigeria and Africa. People, Ideas and Events are reviewed and critiqued to determine their values and contribution to the progress of society.

We want you to make sense of news and events happening around us, not just as another “reality show” but as something that you can directly relate with and as a platform to build your endeavors going forward.

Categories covered include politics and policy, technology and business, popular culture and lifestyle, education and personal development, as well as matters of law and justice. We throw in sports once in a while, especially if the Super Eagles are involved or if a Nigerian is on the verge of winning the Champions League).

Overall, inquizimedia.com is your companion for exploring your curiosity, your the desire for practical knowledge and for an elevated conversation that moves us all forward as a society.

Editorial Team

Our insightful editorial content and guest contributions are brought together for your curious pleasure by a team led by Alexander O. Onukwue. He writes on politics, policy, tech (with a particular keenness for ‘The Four”) and pop culture. He is currently undertaking the collaborative Masters in Research and Public Policy of the Partnership for African Social Governance Research (PASGR) at the University of Lagos, Akoka. There is an awesome fellow on this team who wishes not to be mentioned.

The inquizimedia.com team hopes to rouse the curiosity of young Nigerians towards seeking a society that interrogates itself on the basis of firm convictions, engaging in conversations that will produce positive value and enduring enterprise.

“You are as wise as the questions you ask, and as useful as the answers you provide” Alexander O. Onukwue


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