Author: Alexander O. Onukwue

Opinions: Part formed, Part undergoing reform

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Lasisi Elenu, Our Ranter-in-chief and The Call To MADness


Recently, I changed the profile pictures across my social media accounts to one I took at a popular Lagos rooftop the February before last. That photo’s …

CommunityThe Muse

City of Soot, Are You Darkening Just For Me?


Every morning, for the best part of the past 20 or so months, the clouds take their time to make way for a bright sun shine …


The Public Ministry of Chude Jideonwo


Regardless of your politics in the lead up to the 2015 general elections in Nigeria, you can agree there was near universal urgency to significantly challenge …

Technologies and Business

Digital Rights Bill: Why Youth and Expertise Matter


When president Muhammadu Buhari signs the Digital Rights and Freedom Bill into law, Nigeria will have its first piece of legislation designed to protect the expression …

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‘President Robert Mugabe’: What a Waste of Time


It could have been different. It should have been better. After doing something consistently for 37 years – being a teacher or a faithful tailor, a …

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Party Politics 101: Five Foundations You Must Know


Politics, the world famous dirty game, is compulsory, and it is up to the clean guys to get it right. That was the essential message of …


Review: Isoken is the Most Accurate Movie About Chimamanda yet


Even while the final credits scrolled up, you lingered by the steps to know if there would be some additional enthralling piece of drama in this …