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Police Nigerian Women as Humans


Because the Police arrest of women last week in an Abuja night club was horrendous, public expression of revulsion was inevitable. Well-attended street demonstrations in Lagos, …

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The President’s Ambition Suffereth Violence. The Violent Take The Bench By Force


With an executive hammer fashioned by legalistic manipulation, president Muhammadu Buhari has forced his will on Nigeria’s Judiciary. On Friday evening, Buhari announced the suspension of …


The Uncomfortable Facts of Chief Justice Onnoghen’s Code of Conduct Case | By Joe Abah


I am greatly saddened that the Chief Justice of Nigeria is even in a position where he could be charged with the breach of any Nigerian …


Why A Female Student’s Victory In The OAU Sex-for-Marks Case Was Necessary


Richard Akindele, formerly an accounting professor at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), has taught his last academic class. He will spend the next two years in prison, …


Comment: The Police vs Deji Adeyanju


Restraint has been the mood as far as thinking out (too) loudly on the arrest and detention of Deji Adeyanju by the Nigeria Police. He has …