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50,000 Businesses: Don’t Get Carried Away With Facebook’s New Plans

Facebook has more users in Nigeria than anywhere else on the African continent. Being the multi-billion dollar business it is, it is normal to expect it to pay serious attention to the country. It is from this business incentive perspective that the company’s newly unveiled initiative for Nigeria must first be viewed. While reports […]

Education Technologies and Business

Analyzing The 2017 Budgets of Nigeria’s Top Federal Universities

For 21 of the 22 Universities (excluding University of Abuja) whose budget allocations were recently published by educational civic tech, eduplana Nigeria, the total increase in their allocations amounted to 1.37 billion, at an average of +0.065 billion naira, i.e. N65 million per University. The University of Abuja was an outlier, having, by far, the […]

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What can a toothbrush teach us about building better products and businesses? – Gregory Onyeahialam

Perhaps this image resonates with you. But let’s look at it in detail. What is the “ideal” user journey of using a toothbrush? You wake up in the morning, perform your morning routine (if you have one). You pick up your toothbrush then your toothpaste tube (or whichever comes first). You put the toothpaste on […]

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Report: Nigeria Ranked Third on Internet Affordability in Africa

Nigeria has been ranked third in Africa for internet affordability, according to the Affordability Drivers Index of the Alliance for Affordable Internet. The Affordability Drivers Index is the key aspect of the Affordability Report of the A4AI, which “examines the policy and regulatory frameworks that have allowed some countries to make broadband internet access more […]

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What facebook’s new Jobs feature means for unemployed friends

Facebook has introduced a new feature that will allow companies post jobs on their facebook pages. In a move seemingly targeted at helping small-to-medium enterprises (and knocking-off Linkedin and Jobberman), the new feature means companies can leverage on the persons who ‘Like’ and follow their pages to attract talent. Forbes’s John Koetisier, in his review, […]

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N300 in Abuja, N50 in Borno: The prices of commodities for January released

Abuja, Cross-Rivers and Adamawa states had the most expensive bus fares for January 2017, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. The data released by the official statistics body on Tuesday, February 15, revealed Consumer Price Indices for the month of January. Prices for diesel (AGO), fuel (PMS), kerosene (DPK) and gas (LPG) for all […]

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What does Twitter’s ‘hot water’ financial condition mean for Nigeria?

Twitter’s reports for Q4 of 2016 have been among top discussions in international tech finance circles. The social media network fell short of the earnings mark expected by industry observers, by as much as 5%. Free flowing real-time feed means it is the go-to hub for politics, advocacy and loads of trolling, but it has […]