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What can a toothbrush teach us about building better products and businesses? – Gregory Onyeahialam

Perhaps this image resonates with you. But let’s look at it in detail. What is the “ideal” user journey of using a toothbrush? You wake up in the morning, perform your morning routine (if you have one). You pick up your toothbrush then your toothpaste tube (or whichever comes first). You put the toothpaste on […]

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Report: Nigeria Ranked Third on Internet Affordability in Africa

Nigeria has been ranked third in Africa for internet affordability, according to the Affordability Drivers Index of the Alliance for Affordable Internet. The Affordability Drivers Index is the key aspect of the Affordability Report of the A4AI, which “examines the policy and regulatory frameworks that have allowed some countries to make broadband internet access more […]