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We want your views on the society too. The world of knowledge benefits from varying perspectives. Understanding and appreciating the happenings around us require contributions from different points of view.

Are you a lawyer? You could have some unique insight on music. Are you a fashion freak? You would know a lot about how clothes make political statements. Do you binge on Nollywood? You may want to share the effects of popular stereotypes of popular culture and lifestyle.

Do you feel you cannot write? See what these writers have said:

“Writing is easy; all you have to do is cross the words, the wrong words out” Mark Twain

So start by writing out all you know about your topic. When you read through it again, you will see those which should not be there. And don’t be bothered about the first draft because:

“Every first draft is perfect because all a first draft has to do is exist” Jane Smiley

Do all the popular writers you read always have it easy? Definitely not! On the contrary:

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than for other people” Thomas Mann

Now, remember this:

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