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From Chimamanda’s Words, There Are Two Sides To Opening Doors


Should we stop buying sweets because peadophiles use them? For about a week now, social media has been agog with heated debates on chivalry which resulted …

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20 Verses To Ponder From Chimamanda’s Beautiful Harvard Speech On Truth And Trying


This week, the graduating students at Harvard chose Chimamanda Adichie as their Class Day speaker for 2018. Donning a beautiful Nigerian made adire, Ms Adichie’s 25 …

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‘Children of Blood and Bone’, ‘Fighting Corruption’ And The Most Attractive Books At Nigeria International Book Fair 2018


Every body cannot read books, for reasons varying from the valid and reasonable, to ruses vacuous and regrettable. We are more on-the-go these days and we …

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Comment: Chimamanda Adichie’s Question Was Woke. It Was Also Wrong.


We should be talking about investigating and finding out the Lagos big media man who sought to violate a 17 year old Chimamanda Adichie as price …

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Full At Forty: The Destiny of Chimamanda Adichie


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: critically acclaimed author, thinker, and mother. Easily one of the most influential names in the literary world today, the young woman who began …


Review: Isoken is the Most Accurate Movie About Chimamanda yet


Even while the final credits scrolled up, you lingered by the steps to know if there would be some additional enthralling piece of drama in this …